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Why Are Some Seattle Street Signs Brown?

While working with some clients that are just moving here from Manhattan I got a question I've never been asked before. Why are some of the Seattle street signs brown while all the others are green? I found the answer to be really interesting.

Apparently a few years ago Seattle started replacing some of the green signs with brown one's to pay homage to the Olmstead Brothers Landscape. Back in 1903 Seattle brought in the Olmstead Brothers from Manhattan to help design some of our parks and a pathway around those parks. John Charles Olmstead was primarily the person who worked with Seattle off and on between 1903 and 1936 to create some of my favorite streets and parks in Seattle. John Charles Olmstead was the step-son and nephew of Fredrick Law Olmstead Sr who designed many parks including New York Central Park and Stanford University. The other brother was primarily involved in park designs in Portland, Oregon and numerous estates in Vancouver, BC

This is a great link to more details.  http://www.historylink.org/index.cfm?DisplayPage=output.cfm&File_Id=1124


Posted 2012-02-23